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​​​​Mestre Preguiça...

a direct student of Mestre Bimba and cofounder of Grupo Capoeira Senzala, came to the United States of America over 30 years ago. He brought with him the knowledge of Capoeira handed down from Mestre Bimba, as well as his own expertise in Capoeira. In 1984, he created the first Capoeira group in Santa Cruz, CA, "Omulu Senzala Santa Cruz". In 1985 he relocated to San Francisco, CA where he then created Omulu Capoeira San Francisco. In 1986, Omulu Capoeira San Francisco gained it’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status and formalized the group's identity, "Omulu Capoeira Group".


Hard work, commitment, and discipline are key to success! push beyond your perceived limitations and reap the benefits!



For those who think capoeira is the ultimate pursuit...

We're your kind of capoeira training center. If you're willing to put the time and effort into maximizing your learning experience & fitness results, you need the right people  to partner with you. We're here to get you going!




capoeira regional...

We focus on technique, strength and fitness training, self-defense, self-discipline, PHYSICAL EDUCATION, and biomechanics of the movements. we teach history, MACULELÊ and music (instruments & songs).